Captain’s Log, Stardate 12710.8

Launch details have begun to arrive. According to Zac, KickSat’s launch vehicle has been named, bringing the project that much closer to a specific launch date. Now that KickSat has been slated for takeoff, the project’s timetable can focus around a specific launch window. And it turns out that the rocket that KickSat will be taking to space is quite an interesting one.

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Entering Drydock: ArduSat

ArduSat mock upA challenger appears! To the right is an artist’s rendering of ArduSat, an Arduino-based cube satellite. Announced this month, the ArduSat shares many of the same mission objectives as KickSat. Specifically, both projects aim to make space exploration easy and affordable for everyone. However, there are some key differences between these two projects that make ArduSat a welcome addition to the DIY satellite scene.

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Captain’s Log, Stardate 12415.9

Time for another project update! Over the past few months, the KickSat team worked on finalizing the development kits for the Sprite Spacecraft. These kits were originally scheduled to reach backers like me in May. While the delivery date has slipped a little, enough work has been completed to give those programming their Sprite a place to start. The KickSat team released working drafts of much of the development kit material, stretching over the categories of hardware, software, and support.

A rendering of the current KickSat design

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Resources, pt. 4

Many of the resources I’ve used and referenced over the course of the project are spread throughout the posts as links and text. In this series I’ll collect and describe some of the most important project resources thus far.

For the final post in this series, I’ll focus on blogs and independent makers that provide inspiration for some of the projects on this site.

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