The NerdKit Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensorOne of the first NerdKits projects involves programming a temperature sensor, not unlike the one that comes built in to the Sprite. The temperature sensor in the NerdKit looks very much like a transistor, but in this case the left pin connects to the voltage and the right pin connects to ground. The middle pin outputs analogue measurements corresponding to the amount of heat in its environment. In order to use this data, the microcontroller unit must first convert it into digital information.

The analogue-to-digital conversion executes according to the C program that I write, with help from the NerdKits libraries. At the highest level, the MCU executes the following main function: Continue reading

MCU Programming with the NerdKit

The USB NerdKit is an introduction to microcontrollers package offered by Rather than being an integrated development platform like the TI Launchpad or the Arduino, the NerdKit is composed of modular components and is designed to teach newcomers the fundamentals of embedded systems. In other words, it’s a perfect place to start learning about MCU programming.

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