Captain’s Log, Stardate 12995.9

Sprite souvenir boardMy souvenir board has arrived! Delivered in an envelope a couple of days ago, the board was accompanied by a letter from project lead Zac Manchester:

Dear KickSat Backer,

Enclosed is your souvenir Sprite spacecraft. This is an actual prototype Sprite, exactly the same as the ones we are using in our pre-flight testing, and just like the ones that will fly in space!

Thanks to your support, we’re now on track for launch in Fall 2013 on the CRS-3/ELaNa-5 mission. You can keep track of our progress as we build KickSat by reading our Kickstarter blog updates. You can also get involved yourself by putting together a ground station to listen for the Sprites as they fly over your town.

Thank you for sharing my dream of making spaceflight accessible to everyone. Together we are making this dream a reality!


Zac Manchester

The letter drops a major piece of news: the SpaceX CRS-3 mission has been pushed from summer 2013 to fall 2013. This change follows a shift of the second NASA Commercial Resupply Services mission to the ISS from December of this year to no earlier than 1 March 2013. As a result, the July launch date of the CRS-3 mission has been rescheduled to no earlier than 2 October 2013.

KickSat Souvenir Letter

The souvenir boards are for display only. The printed circuit board is genuine, but the solar cell is not. The development kits will be shipping during the first or second week of January. Instructions for constructing a ground station have not yet been published.

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