ArduSat Preps for First Test Flight

Earlier this summer I posted an introduction to ArduSat. At that time, NanoSatisfi’s Kickstarter was still in full swing. It’s now a couple months later, and I realize that I have not yet reported on the outcome of their campaign! There’s good news to report, as well as an exciting event taking place later this week.

The ArduSat Kickstarter campaign ended fully funded on July 15. NanoSatisfi launched the project asking for $35,000, and they received over $106,000 in pledges. The campaign closed with over 300% funding. As one of the backers who helped rocket them past their goal, I will be given a full week of uptime on their entire sensor suite once ArduSat is in orbit.

Since the campaign concluded, the NanoSatisfi team has been quiet. But on Monday, the team announced an upcoming high-altitiude test of ArduSat. The September test has been scheduled since June, when NanoSatisfi declared their partnership with Team Prometheus for two high-altitude flights. Looks like they’re still on schedule!

Team Prometheus is a non-profit organization based in Lampasas, Texas, aimed at promoting independent space projects. On this Saturday, September 22, at 10:00 am Central time, Team Prometheus will release a stratospheric ballon carrying a prototype of the ArduSat payload and flight computer to over 30 km above the Earth. The flight, designated Near Space Expedition 14 (NSE-14), gives NanoSatisfi an opportunity to monitor sensor performance, data logging, and communications in a low-pressure, high-altitude environment.

NanoSatisfi built a temporary website in order to share news during the days leading up to the test. The site features a live stream of the prep workshop with live text chat, as well as daily news updates. Once the balloon is released, the teams will also stream flight video from an onboard camera. After a mission duration of approximately four hours, the balloon will rupture and the payload will descend on a parachute for recovery.

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