SpaceX CRS-2 to Launch March 1

The CRS-2 Falcon 9 rocket undergoing a static fire in preparations for launch

The CRS-2 Falcon 9 rocket undergoes a static fire in preparation for launch

As explained previously, KickSat and its payload of Sprites launches on the SpaceX CRS-3/ELaNa-5 mission no earlier than 2 October 2013. The final launch date depends on several factors, one in particular being the success of the SpaceX CRS-2 mission. The CRS-1 mission, summarized in an earlier post, started shaky but ended strong – an overall success.

Barring setbacks, CRS-2 launches tomorrow, March 1. A SpaceX Dragon capsule will be carried into orbit by one of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets. The Dragon capsule is expected to reach the International Space Station the next day. Read on for NASA’s official mission overview and links to live internet streams of the launch.

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